Sunday, October 21, 2018


Juried show number two for the year... Tactilis. This show was at the community college, in conjunction with Art Access, an organization that provides creative opportunities for the disabled and disadvantaged. Tactilis had an interesting theme, showcasing art that was meant to be touched, so that it could be appreciated by those who are visually impaired.

I was excited when I received the email with the call for entries, as I had recently gone on a bender creating ceramic pieces that were intended to be picked up an touched, so Tactilis was right up my alley. I decided I wanted to create a new work, a multimedia sculpture covered with texture and moveable pieces made with my glass beads.

Judging from the reactions of the visitors to the show, I think my foray into touchable art was a success. Even though I couldn't 'read it' thought it was really cool to have my label for the piece printed in braille!

Saturday, September 08, 2018

The Alfred Lambourne Prize

I entered an art piece to a show, The Alfred Lambourne Prize. This is a show dear to my heart as is all about celebrating our relationship to the Great Salt Lake, a place I love. THis show is extra interesting in that it showcases many genres; visual art, literary art, movement and sound. The piece I made was a fun experiment, I used clay from the Great Salt Lake Lake bed as a glaze on my ceramic pieces. Many pieces representing the diversity of experiences at the lake. I was pleased with how they turned out.
My asty fartsy description of my piece and it's inspiraton...


Dead sea

Oddly industrial

An artist's canvas

Fluctuating water levels

Clouds reflecting on water

Sunset skies paint horizons

Wind whipped sea foam

Remnants of the past

Pink microbial waters

Patterned salt crust

Vibrant wildflowers

Swarming insects

Essential habitat

Birds overhead

Rocky shores







Every day, every season, every visit is new experience.

Always intriguing



My submission for the Alfred Lambourne Prize embodies the diversity and uniqueness of each Great Salt Lake experience

. Each ceramic piece is glazed with slurry of Salt Lake clay, allowed to run and puddle randomly when fired in a cone 10 kiln where the clay glaze freely reacts with it's own inherent impurities, the reducing atmosphere in the kiln, and colored slips applied below the glaze.

Just like every visit to the Great Salt Lake offers a nature lover an unpredictable, unique and interesting experience, each ceramic piece glazed with lake clay emerges from the kiln as a surprise to the artist; unique, organic, different than the other.

Mounted on weathered "Salty Fir" lumber that was commercially reclaimed from the waters of the Great Salt Lake.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Found Art!

I've not posted anything about art in quite sometime, but I had an experience a while back that I thought I should share. This is not about my art, but about found art and delightful surprises.

Living in Salt Lake we are lucky to have the Sundance Film right in our backyard and for the last few years I been able to see a few movies and spend an afternoon or two wandering the streets of Park City checking out the festivities. There's always some fun things to see and interesting people watching.

At the same time Park City is also host to a second film festival... an 'alternative' film festival, Slamdance. While wandering through town we stopped at the Treasure Mountain Inn to see what Slamdance had to offer. There we found a table covered with post cards for all the different offerings. Amid all the glossy, professional postcards we found of a couple ordinary paper cards, but they were hardly ordinary, they were actually hand printed with original designs, signed and numbered, and had a sticker on the back directing you to the website of Gabrielle Kash, a young animator living in Brooklyn, NY. I thought the hand made prints were a pretty cool marketing idea!

There were not many prints left, so not wanting to be greedy I just chose one - "Lizard" 37/50

"Lizard" is a character in the movie she was advertising; an animated short called Lorem Ipsum which asks the following 2 questions:

"What is difficult about making art?"
"Why keep making art?"

Now those are some questions I can relate to. The movie is done in stop motion, which I adore, and one of the characters was making jewelry. It turns out that 'lizard' breathes a little fire. Could it really be a dragon? I like to make ceramic dragons. Totally up my alley. The Lorem Ipsum page also has nice series of photos showing how she makes her stop motion puppets and I love it when artists share their process!

I was pretty jazzed to randomly find a cool piece of art, so I went and bought a little frame and it is now hanging in my living room. Thanks Gabrielle for the gift! I wish you well in your career!

If you want to watch Loren Ipsum, it's here.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A season of Lost Lake....

2017 was the year of "Old Dog Adventures"... Meaning that Kona, the 'old dog' wasn't really up for much hiking, so we did a lot exploration by car with short hike/walks as dictated by what the dog was willing to do. We decided it would be a good year to explore the Uintas, where there are some less steep hikes than what the Wasatch offers. We headed up the first week the Mirror Lake highway was open, and then the second, and then decided our quest for the summer would be make it up to Lost Lake for a weekly photo as well as explore other areas of the Uintas.

As it turned out it proved quite interesting to go the same place every week and see what changes mother nature had in store for us, I especially had fun watching the transition of the wild flowers over an entire season.

Week 1 June 9 - the first week the Mirror Lake Highway was open

Week 2 June 18
Week 3 June 25
Week 4 July 2
Week 5 July 9
Week 6 July 16
Week 7 July 23
Week 8 July 29
Week 9 August 5
Week 10 - August 13
Week 11 August 19
Week 12 August 28
Week 13 Sept 2
Week 14 Sept 10
Week 15 Sept 17
Week 16 Sept 24 Kaboom... on the way to Uintas in a snow storm the BF's car made a loud thunking sound, lost power, coasted to stop and ended it's life with a few engine flames... thus ending our weekly Lost Lake streak.

Week 17 Oct 1

Week 19 Oct 15
Week 23 November 12

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Spiraling the Jetty again.

An amazing place revisited... every trip to the spiral jetty is unique. The seasons, the light, the weather, the time of day all coalesce to paint a new and different picture of the same place. Perhaps this was part of Smithson's vision, art changing with nature. This trip was my first time there at sunset, and it was a spectacular sunset! Try as might, pictures do not even begin to capture the view from this night. I did play around a bit with my in camera HDR to attempt to capture the scene, but none of my photos truly gives justice to the evenings beauty. Sometiems you just have to be there!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Shooting the Shit


I never realized that saying was one that was so steeped in literal origins, but, apparently it is. Back in the spring while adventuring across the west desert we found what we thought was an odd case of bullet holes inside the Simpson Springs outhouse. Odd enough to me that I turned it into a creative writing contest, asking my friends to post their imagined scenarios of explanations for our odd find. And then last weekend... We were out exploring again. This time we headed east and stumbled upon the ghost town of Piedmont, Wyoming, an old railroad town based around charcoal kilns that supplied Salt Lake City and the Union Pacific Railroad trains. As ghost towns go, Piedmont was pretty cool. The kilns are preserved as historic landmark, and there are several old decaying buildings still in existance. Enought that you could wonder what the place was like back in the day. There was one small building made of rusted corregated steel, which I assumed was a shed unil walking around to the open side and discovering it was actually a four hole outhouse. Now there's a first... I've seen many two holers in my life, and often pondered "Why?" as in "Why would you want to go to the potty in pairs?", but a four holer really makes you wonder what three people in the world you like enough to want to defecate with. If that was not thought provoking enough, the building ws riddled with holes... bullet holes, which on close inspection we realized were not from it being a distant target, but from shots fired from inside the outhouse. Putting on our forensic science thinking caps and examining the curvature of the metal 'Exit Wound" we realized that the bullets were shot from inside the outhouse, most likely from the proximity of the four holers.

Now once again I have to ask the question, who shoots bullets from inside an outhouse???? What is the scenario this time? Four fellows, after a few beers and a can of beans,taking a dump, one of the guys lets her rip... flatulence that is. Another of the three fellows can't stand the smell and decides to ventilate the room using his handy side arm? Gives new meaning the the expression "Shooting the shit!" doesn't it? And here are some photos of the rest of the ghost town and historic charcoal kilns of Piedmont, WY...