Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Google Twins

One of the Morning Edition stories on NPR today mentioned a term I'd never heard before: Google Twin, which according to the Wikipwedia is "a person who shares your name, and whose information returns results on Google when you egosurf".

So I decided to Google myself and find out who my google twins are. The first page google search ones at least. It looks like I really one of a Google sextuplet. First on my list was a singer-songwriter, then a public policy consultant, a psychology professor, a real estate agent, one of the writers of the 1995 movie "Cruel Jaws" (who's heard of it? - Not me!), and an opthalmologist. Maybe I should change identities with one of these people; being a folksinger sounds kind of glamorous, being a professor sounds so intellectual, the public policy consultant sounds pretty smart too.

I guess it's been a while since I "egosurfed" because I was surprised to find myself, a beadmaker, on the first page of a Google search. I can thank watch Me Create for new found internet ranking. I guess I'm cyber-real now LOL.

So who are your Google Twins?


Anonymous said...

So, chica, do you feel famous now? I don't think I've ever Googled myself; guess I'll have to give it a shot. Altamore isn't a very common name so I might be the only one on the list - if that.

Anonymous said...

My ego is so big that I am the only one with my name on the first two pages of a Google search for me. There are several alter ego me's .., but they are still mostly me. It feels kind of lonely.