Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Am I a bad mom?... or a cool one?

My daughter and I don't always agree about what plays on the car stereo. I'm an NPR junky, she claims their monotone voices give her a headache. Since her whining gives me a headache, we usually end up playing the music of her choice when we're together in the car. Recently she introduced me to some new music I really like; Grieves, an (***gasp***) up and coming indie rap artist. I have very varied tastes in music, but I must admit that for the most part, rap hasn't done much for me, so nobody is more suprised than me how much I love his album "Irreversible". It was probably the best $10 I've let Sarah spend on I-tunes. I jokingly say that I must like him because he sings "folk rap", rap with interesting, meaningful lyrics. Great beats too! So now I have officially received some "cool points" for liking some young hip music.

Grieves played a concert here in Salt Lake last night. The concert was at this funky place called Kilby court, an all ages venue that is in essence a large, (about 4 car) cinderblock and plywood garage that is hidden away in a alley in an industrialized section of town. The concert building, ticket/drink kiosk, and another small building surround a courtyard where, in the winter at least, they build a nice fire in a fire pit. It's really like listing to a bunch of friends jam in their garage. Much to Sarah's chagrin, I decided I wanted to go to this concert too. She wasn't too thrilled at having mom go to a concert with her; she said it made her feel "awkward". But since she knows I like the music so well, she "let" me come along. I promised not to talk to her and her friends, not to make any silly scenes, no wild dancing, and that I would leave when the 2nd act, Mac Lethal (who I'm not as nuts about)played, so she could have some non-mom time. So I was the old lady standing along the back wall, trying not to call too much attention to myself. I was probably the only one over 40, perhaps the only person over 30, at the concert. I think that except for the moment when one of Sarah's friends said loudly, in front of several other people, "Sarah is that your mom back there?!", she survived the bad mom embarrassment well.

I enjoyed the concert, and feel compelled to pimp Grieves a little. You can find him on Myspace music, where he has 5 songs from his "Irreversible" album available to download. Give him a listen, and let me know if you like him. If this old lady can like some young hip music, perhaps you will too! Here's a link brave, try out some new music!


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Welcome to the parent-going-to-concerts-with-teens group! I've gone to alot of garages.. er..concert halls to hear indie bands with my teen - in fact, will be going to one tonight. I think you should re title your post to say "being interested in your teen's life." Despite what she says, she's glad you're there but she's gotta act like she doesn't like it to save face with her friends! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love that you and your daughter do stuff together! My daughter and I went together to her very first concert - seeing Pink when she performed at the U, and she took me to see Kanye West for my Birthday when he was here this summer. My moniker at an online scrapbook site is "I scrap to rap," LOL! Carol