Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So where have I been? What have I been doing? This has been my first blog break since I started blogging. I've been writing plenty of blog entries in my head, but haven't managed to get the neurons firing between my brain and fingertips... I guess I've had writers block, or writers cramp or perhaps just a bad case of lack of motivation or procrastination. Judging from how messy my house is right now I'm guessing my problem is lack of motivation and procrastination! Oh wait, I can blame the messy house on the fact that Matt was home for spring break last week, and that I had a house guest part of the time. His college roommate flew in from Albuquerque for 3 days of snowboarding. I guess I can blame the bead projects I have strewn all over the house on them - right ??? Ha, ha. Actually a small amount of my bead mess is the kids fault. When the boys came home from their first day of snow boarding they said to me "Hey, you have to see this", "See what?" I responded, and Nate held up his leg. On a zipper pull on the bottom half of his ski pants dangled a few of my lampwork beads. Matt had taken some of my orphan beads to school, where I guess they were a big hit with his friends. I'm always tickled when the kids like my beads, especially the boys. Beads are so often thought of as a "girlie thing", so I think it's great when the boys like my beads as much as, if not more than the girls. Nate was so enthusiastic about my beads I let him pick through all my orphan bowls and take what he wanted back to school.

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Anonymous said...

Ah - finally - a new entry to your blog. I've been waiting!!!
How cool that your son and his friends like your beads. You know how honest that bunch can be so good for you, mom!