Thursday, July 10, 2008

More from Sushi Night....

My friends who had the sushi party are also my friends with all the pet ducks. I think we have even more get togethers at their house now that they have ducks. Partially because we all enjoy their pond and ducks, and partially because it's easier for Jamie (who I now call the "Crazy Duck Man of Canyon Rim") to do his nightly duck care when we are all at his house. After receiving any necessary special care(medicine etc. for the injured rescues), the ducks get rounded up and put to bed in their mews. Due to the recent addition of Mocha's 5 chicks and a few rescues from the local park, they are now up to a flock of 12 extremely pampered quackers, so it is a little work to get everyone ready for bed. The above picture is of my daughter, holding Julio. As you may guess by the expression on her face, it is her first experience with a "lap-duck". The little yellowish duck in the second shot is Ulla. She was a tiny motherless duckling when my friends found her at the park and rescued her. Being the "baby" in the family she gets extra special treatment. After all the other duckies are put to bed, she gets to come inside for TV time every night!

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