Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice Hike...

Another lovely hike tonight, the same as last week on the Pipeline Trail, but this time I brought my friend Rebecca, who had given me crap about never inviting me.

It was another cool, beautiful, night on a lovely trail with a great friend. There were two marvelous findings along the way. First, the penstemons were out in full force. Last week I saw a single penstemon, this week there many along the rock band towards the end of the trail. That section of the trail, with with it lichen covered rocks is already beautiful, but all the beautiful blue penstemons made it even more lovely tonight.

Our second treat for the night was super cool. As we sauntered down the road we encountered a bat, a lone bat, that put on quite a show for us, darting back and forth across the road and hovering just over our heads so we could get a really good look at him. Eventually he landed on a tree and seemed happy to pose for a photo op. Not easy to get a picture of, he was small, the light getting dim, and we couldn't get too close for fear of him flying off. I did manage to get one fairly clear shot, that zoomed in and cropped it wasn't half bad.

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Anonymous said...

I've never heard of penstemons - those are really pretty. But a BAT! How cool is that - that you got him to pose for you!

Your pictures are always great; thanks for sharing.

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