Thursday, September 01, 2011

Meet my new friend Katy

Katydid that is. I came downstairs this morning and found this fellow up in the corner of my dining room. I thought he was pretty so I let him hang out. I like Katyids, they are pretty cool looking. The funny thing about bugs...what makes some bugs friends and other bugs foes? I have to admit, had I come downstairs and found a 2 inch spider lurking in the corner of the dining room I would have been freaked, not amused, and that spider would likely have seen an untimely death. But Katydid? He was more than welcome to stay.

I was pleased that he was still around when when I came home tonight. I liked watching him. Unfortunately, Oreo, my cat, was also pleased to see him...and stare at him, and wait for him to move, then chase the poor fellow as he flew ... We had quite a bit of "psycho kitty" going on tonight as he chased the Katydid around the house. Eventually the Katydid lost altitude and got within Oreo's reach, and I felt compelled to to intervene and rescue the poor fellow. So back out the window he went. I was bummed, as I had enjoyed having a new friend in the house and hoped he would get to stay a little longer.

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Carol Clayton said...

They are cool, aren't they? Ours hangs out by the back door, and yes, I've taken lots of pictures of him, too, LOL! Glad yours didn't become Oreo's supper!! Have you noticed lots more dragonflies around this year? They are all over the place - I can't remember ever seeing this many!