Monday, March 19, 2012

Tales from chairlift II

My little bit of leopard love!

Ok, I'm lying, not really tales from the chairlift, but from lodge this time. It has been a bleak winter snow-wise, not the year for powderhounds, especially weekend powder hounds like me. But finally, we had a big storm this weekend, and lucky for me a skier friend was in town and we had plans to ski Snowbird. 15 inches of glorious fresh powder, my first real powder of the season, probably the last. It was snowing and overcast, the light was flat so the terrain was difficult to see and assess. "Sking by braille" is quite a good workout. After many runs from Gadzoom and a long run down from the top of Peruvian, we decided our hammered legs needed a break and we headed to Snowbird Center cafeteria.

As I sat down with my cocoa (my tired legs were sceaming for sugar!) I looked around at the handful f patrons in the cafeteria, most interstingly the leopard man, who was sitting with the zebra woman. His ski suit was yellow and covered with leopard spots, her ski suit in zebra stipes. Their matching helmets sat on the table. I think we'd stumbled across some real ski animals! I love people with a sense of style, ok, humor, so I had to go say hello.

I asked them if they were a pair, and of course they were. Judging by their accents, a pair of New Yorkers, somehow I was not surprised they weren't Utahns. Utahns are, on average, kinda conservative, this couple obviously was not. I told the leopard man that I really liked his leopard suit. He reached in to his pocket and then handed me a little swatch of leopard print fabric, and told me that he had to "share the leopard love". What more could a gal want from a ski day? Fresh powder, happy legs, not cocoa, and leopard love. My day was pretty great.

At the end of the day as we skied up the parking lot, guess who skied up behind us? Yup, leopard man and zebra woman, and it turns out they have hand painted animal print skis too! And capes! What a hoot! I love meeting random interesting people!

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