Friday, December 14, 2012

Potty Talk

It's not the first time I have talked about bathrooms on my blog. Perhaps it's time for me to use the tag "potty" for my potty talk posts.(I may have to find and tag my old potty posts) Apparently I must have an odd fascination with weird or interesting bathrooms. Here's one I found yesterday at gas station mini-mart in Cortez, Colorado. Lucky for me the path was well marked so I didn't get lost! No shot of the actual potty, but be assured it was just a grimy (very!) gas station bathroom
And today while I was browsing in an antique store I found this, a portable potty seat. Perfect for your travelling potty training needs. Where was this when my kids were toddlers? OK, maybe I never wanted to carry a potty seat everywhere I went, but an interesting old find non the less!

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