Sunday, April 19, 2020

Ghost Town -Gold Hill

Somehow despite it being 175 miles (much on dirt roads) away from home our Corona Cruising took us to the ghost town of Gold Hill three times. Despite being described on the web as a ghost town there are number of people still living there, but the old decaying mercantile building is certainly ghost town-esque. We needed so many trips to Gold Hill because we were on a quest to find the remnants of the old charcoal kilns we had read were there, but they proved hard to find, so had to keep researching and returning back. On trip three we finally found the kilns!

Despite that ar one time the town had a population of 3000, there are many homes. I read somewhere that this was because being a boom and bust mining town many minors lived in transient housing like, perhaps like this dugout.
The ellusive kilns, apparently these were special kilns because they used ceramic in the instructions.
The perfect ghost town graveyard, high up on hte hill overlooking the town.

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