Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rain on my Parade..

It seems Saturday was my day to be rained upon. I always find it amusing how for as little as it rains here, it always manages to do so on days where I have plans. Saturday morning I had early morning plans to hike to Devils Castle up at Alta. Rain was predicted for much later in the day, and as we drove up the canyon there was only one black cloud in the sky, so I wasn't too worried about rain. But shortly after beginning our hike that black cloud grew and began to rumble. Rain doesn't bother me too much, but the rumble of thunder when I'm hiking at 9500 ft sure makes me nervous. So do we continue or turn around? As we came to a spot were we were about to begin a long traverse across a wide open bowl the rain started falling and thunder clapped loudly. An easy answer the the question... it was time to turn around. So my hike was cut short, but still well worth it as we saw this beautiful rainbow. My second rainbow this week.

And the real reason it rained on Saturday. 4 pm was the scheduled time for our annual block party. I swear every year we have weather issues on out party day. Last year I think we rescheduled 3 times and ended up having it in October. At 3 pm four of us stood in the street, watching the big black cloud in the distance pour rain upon the valley. The storm looked like it was moving pretty quickly so we decided to regroup and 4 pm and see what the weather would like. At 4pm the sun was shining, so we decided to "go for it". It wasn't long until the storm band came and rained upon our parade. But you have to love my neighbors. Everyone pulled up their hoods and huddled under the umbrellas and partied on. Newborns and 80 year olds included. The rain showers came and went and came again, but a good time was had by all!


one-eared pig said...

Beautiful rainbows, Linda!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rainbow - great neighbors.