Monday, December 01, 2008

Music and Horoscopes..

Sarah's and my favorite hiphop artist, Grieves, was in town over the weekend. She went to his concert at Kilby Court on Saturday night. I was forbidden to go go because she didn't want to be embarrassed again. She bought his new CD, 88 Keys & Counting, and made a copy for me to listen to in the car. So this morning, rather than listening to my normal NPR, I listened to his new CD. When I got to work I decided to pop the CD out and take it to my lab so I could listen some more. As I would expect from Grieves, it is an excellent CD. Later in the day I was playing it once again when a couple of the 20 something year old guys in my lab asked me who it was that was playing. They were laughing, because they thought it was so funny that someone like me... an old person... was actually listening to a hip hop CD.

Imagine my amusement when I checked out my horoscope today:

Music will bring you a lot of joy today, so put one of your favorite CDs in the stereo and give it a listen while you are getting ready in the morning. Take it with you during your day if you can and groove to the tunes while you're running errands, cooking, cleaning, or doing some other type of semi-mindless activity. And singing at the top of you lungs is not only advised, it might just be required to keep a smile on your face -- and on the faces of onlookers!

Hmmm... maybe there is something to horoscopes after all!!! It sure seemed to predict my day today!


Ellen said...

I'll bet that horoscope was spot on because of the planets aligning right now, eh?

one-eared pig said...

Love that pink bead!