Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Do you suppose Daisy and Oreo made a New Years resolution this year? One that said "I will be better friends with my 4 legged sibling!" They normally get along fine. Daisy is not a cat chaser and she's not exactly a alpha dog, so she leaves Oreo alone. Even so, every once in a while Oreo walks up to Daisy and gives her a random swat. I suppose he does that just to reinforce that he was here first and that is the "boss". While they have really gotten along great for seven years, they have never really been playful or cuddly together.

So I was actually surprised when I walked into the living room this afternoon that where both sleeping together on the couch. Definitely a rare sight. When I walked up with the camera Daisy's tail started wagging, alternatively thumping on the couch and Oreo's face. Oreo just sat there and smiled. I wonder if their resolution was to be nicer to each other this year!


Ellen said...

I'm thinking those two are looking for a peaceful 2009 - just like the rest of us.

one-eared pig said...

Nah, they are simply recharging their batteries for some chaos to be played out later. :)