Monday, August 02, 2010

More Minn.....

One highlight of our trip was stumbled upon by accident. After driving through downtown (or is it uptown?) Minneapolis, we found our way to a parkway along the Mississipi that my brother had yet to discover. We spied a sign for Lock and Dam No 1, and turned down the drive to investigate. It was the first of 29 locks on the Missippi River. The cool thing was is that it had on observation deck with a little self guided tour. None of us had ever seen a lock in action, so we stayed and watched the lock operate in both the upstream and downstream direction. I guess we're all a little nerdy because we all thought it was pretty cool. I liked seeing the kayaks come through the lock; they seemed so dwarfed by the operation, I think I would have felt a little intimidated by the big walls ang giant gates of the lock.

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