Monday, October 25, 2010

The seasons change...

Is Daisy ready for the snow? I'm not so sure!

The seasons change and so do I.... yesterday was my big fall day, the day I needed to get over my pantsaphobia. Pantsaphobia you ask?? It's my phobia of wearing pants, an illness I get every year around May, when the weather warms up and I start wearing shorts. Once I make the transition to shorts, I can't bring myself to start wearing pants again until the weather cools off in the fall. I think it has literally been years, perhaps even a decade since I've worn pants in the summer. It's shorts and skirts and dresses for me, the only exception being occasionally pulling on a pair of sweatpants if I'm camping in the mountain and it gets cold at night. Eventually fall comes, the weather cools, and I have to break out the pants again. This weekend the the weather turned and yesterday I realized it was the day I had to buck up and get over my pantsaphobia and actually dress appropriately for the weather. And so I did... and, thankfully, the pants still fit.

My pantsaphobia day was not a day too soon, as despite that the leaves are just turning down here in the valley, this morning we woke to the first snow of the year. Just a little at my house, but it appeared the mountains got quite the dusting. To go along with my pantsaphobia, tonight I had to rummage through my closet to find my running tights and a long sleeve shirt to wear jogging, andI was still ended up being a little chilly. After my run, when I came home to a 54 degree home, I realized it was time to conquer the next fall milestone... closing my remaining open windows and pushing the 'on' button on the furnace thermostat.... I think winter is on it's way!

At the park this afternoon.

From the parking lot at work this morning.

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one-eared pig said...

Our furnace has been on for a few weeks, now.