Tuesday, December 21, 2010

After all these years.

My first Christmas in Utah was spent in Ogden, about an hour north of where I live now. I really enjoyed the downtown Christmas display, a Christmas village of tiny cottages with windows exposing the cute Christmas scenes within; busy elves and jolly Santa's, sugar plums and teddy bears. I'm such a sap for the cute Christmas things that remind me of my childhood, like the ice skating animated puppets at the Oakbrook mall in Chicago, and the fabulous Santa's workshop in the downtown Shillitos department store in Cincinnati, so Ogden's Christmas village was just my thing, a perfect but of Christmas magic.

Well, 25 Christmas have come and gone since then, and I often expressed interest in seeing the Ogden display again. I'd suggest that heading up there would be a perfect birthday present for me, or that it would be fun for the kids, but somehow in all these years it never happened. We were always too busy or the weather was bad, or nobody wanted to take the hour drive.

When my sister(a fellow sap) said she was coming out for my birthday I knew I had the perfect partner in crime for such an excursion. So finally after 25 years, I experienced those magical lights and displays again, and they were as goodg or better than I remembered. It kind of made me sad that I never took my kids there when they were young, as they would sure have liked it! This big kid sure did!

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