Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Some random photos, observations and weirdness from my trip to Wisconsin.

Beer, look at all this beer! Good beer! And wine and liquor! In a grocery store!...Hey, I'm from Utah, where the only booze you can buy at the grocery is 3.2 beer, so I was really excited and awestruck to see this amazing selection at the grocery. And yes, being the tourist I am, much to the embarrassment of my friends, I took pictures! (That's right, you can't take me anywhere!)

More interesting shopping... a few finds from the local consignment store. Someone please tell me what what these things are, why they exist and who would want them. A caped dog with an industrial looking artificial leg, wearing dog food on it's collar... why?? A giant mouse lamp? Why? again. It would be interesting to know the provenance of these items... I'm sure there are stories to be told. I think Tom, he resident english major/comic book writer of our group should write a story about the super hero dog...

And look... more interesting things followed us around. This blimp kept flying over Heather's house, welcoming us to Wisconsin... How often do you see a blimp!

And what party would be complete without junk food and booze? Somehow we bought a lot of chips... which seemed to follow us everywhere, from the dining room, to the beach, out to the back yard. Overindulgence for sure...they were eventually banished to this lonely spot on a chair. And just like in the old days, we had a few drinks. Our hostess with the mostess put her best bar forward, she broke out the leftover Mount Gay rum from out last reunion. And the bar came complete with binoculars... and floor cleaner... hmmmm... how did that happen? But it gives me an idea... perhaps drunk cleaning makes house work more fun..

My last bit of amusement... from the hotel where we stayed. A pancake machine! How cool is that? I didn't even know such things existed!!!

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Ellen said...

A pancake machine??? New for me as well. Every time I've ever tried to use the waffle machine in motels, I screw it up somehow so I can only imagine what I'd do with the pancakes.
Sounds like you had a good time with your pals. "Birds of a feather" always makes for fun times.