Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why I like where I live...

What do you like about where you live?, or a similar topic, has been brought up a few times in recent months on my lampwork forum... I have to say that I am lucky in that I live in a place I like really well, so there are always many things I can answer in such a thread. Things like the skiing and hiking in nearby mountains, wonderful neighbors, great weather, my great location with nearby shopping an easy access to anywhere in the valley, and wonderful neighborhood parks. I could go on and on about what I like about living here.

Tonight I can add another.. all sorts of great, fun, free, entertainment. There are lots of free events in the summer; concerts, movies, street fairs and festivals. This is a hard place to by bored, even on a budget. Last week I got to see a free Utah symphony and Opera Concert at the Gallivan Center, tonight I went to a Sundance Film screening at Red Butte Gardens, tomorrow I may take in the Decemberists at the Twilight Concert Series downtown in Pioneer Park. We really have a lot of entertainment options here.

Tonight's movie was "The Music Never Stopped" I would give it a thumbs up if you have a chance to see it. Not only was the movie good, but the setting spectacular. My picture does not do it justice. Sitting in the grass, watching the movie, the sun setting over the valley and mountains to the west, turning the sky pretty shades of pinks and blues. And we get such lovely blue skies here, due to the lack of humidity. It is rare to have the muggy, gray hazy summer days like I grew up with in the midwest. And then there is the temperature. Red Butte Garden is up the mountainside, next to a canyon. Canyon winds blow most every night, making the venue breezy and cool. Even in the heat of the summer, it's jacket weather as the sun goes down and the breeze picks up. Cool weather, fresh mountain, air a lovely sunset and a good movie. What a nice way to spend an evening. I'm definitely spoiled... just a little.

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Ellen said...

I live in a very small town. Population 5,000. We have music downtown on the riverfront every Sat.evening in July and August.
A local church hosts music on the second Sunday evening of every month; free will offering going to a local non-profit.
A smaller town than ours, 9 miles west of us, has music every other Tuesday in the summer.
Last Saturday night the local Jaycees hosted an outdoor movie at one of our locals parks.
No need to leave town - most of the time - to have fun.