Friday, October 13, 2006

Back in GC!

I just returned from a trip back to GC, or “Gods Country” as we call Ohio, where I spent the week visiting family. As much as I love living out west (I’ve lived in Utah for more than 20 years now) there are things I really miss about SW Ohio. Like the countryside, the farms, the deciduous trees, the “oldness” of things if that makes sense. Utah is a very “new”state; there just isn’t as much old stuff where I live, so I really enjoy the old architecture, and old historic towns of Ohio.

It was actually a glorious week, beautiful fall weather, the kind of days that make me wish I still lived there. OK, not really, as I know for every beautiful, blue skied, fall week there are many weeks of ridiculously hot and humid summer days, and cold and dreary, snow-less winter ones.

In addition to fall being the prettiest time to visit Ohio, we picked this weekend because it was the weekend of the Tall Stacks Festival in Cincinnati, which gave us something interesting to do while visiting the family. Tall Stacks is a big festival celebrating Cincinnati’s heritage as a river town. Riverboats from around the country line up along the shores of the Ohio, and you can take cruises out on the river. We took a lovely little cruise, it was nice to see the city from the river, and neat to see all the river boats.

The Public Landing
See the tiny people on the top of purple bridge?... for $39.95 you can don a silly purple suit and "climb" the
Purple People Bridge... seems kind of like a tourist trap to me! I'll stick with the free stroll across the bottom!

That's my brother in law, AKA Uncle Gary, in the hat!
The Cincinnati skyline from the river- this is a bit weird too me, since it has changed so much since I lived there... the big black building is "new" as is the ball field. But still a nice skyline over the water.

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