Thursday, October 26, 2006

I think I'll be a teenager when I grow up.

Ever notice how teenagers don't bother to dress appropriately for the weather? There can be a raging snowstorm going on and all the kids at my daughter bus stop will be standing outside in sweatshirts. I swear the boys wear shorts, and girls wear flip flops, all through the winter.
This morning I overslept. My new alarm clock and I simply aren't getting along. I was in a big hurry so I took the worlds fastest shower and pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. No time to rummage in the sock drawer, so I threw on a pair of sandals. Heck, the kids wear flipflops all the time. After all, it has been cool in the mornings, but warming up nicely in the afternoon. Except today. It was extra cold this morning. Wintery cold. On my way to work it started to rain. The wind started blowing. By the time I walked from my parking place to my building my cold, wet toes were frozen. I guess I picked a bad day to pretend I was a teenager again by wearing inappropriate footwear. I'm sure the teens would have found my footwear really inappropriate, because I was wearing Birkenstock style sandals. I don't think they even begin to qualify as "cute" in my 14 yo daughters eyes. By the time I left work the rain had stopped... and it had started snowing! Cold toes again. So when you see those scantily clad kids outside in the winter and think "God, they must be stupid to dress that way", you're probably correct. I learned my lesson, I don't think I'm going to pretend I'm a teenager anymore. It's midnight and there's an inch of snow on gound now- I'll at least have to wear socks with my sandals tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the video of you running across the parking lot with freezing piggies.
Must be that flip-flop thing happens everywhere. I see/saw (I'm retired now) kids everyday with the same attire here in MI at school.