Wednesday, October 04, 2006


My burning question for the day is: Who came up with silly idea that beads should have names?!
I’ve been trying to put together a submission for the Bead Review 2006, and one of things they ask for is the name of your bead. I pretty much never name my beads. Once in a while, and by once in a while I mean maybe once or perhaps twice a year, a bead decides it wants a name, and lets me know what to call it. I really struggle with this name business. So yesterday I brought some bead pictures to work and asked some of my friends for name suggestions. For the most part they stared blankly at my computer, probably wondering why in the world anyone would want to name beads, and probably thinking I’d become an eccentric old lady who kept beads for pets or something. All except for my friend Carol, who in a matter of seconds, spouted off perfect names for nearly all my beads. How the heck did she do that? I created those beady babies and had no idea what to call them. I think I may make Carol my official bead namer. It sure is nice to get a little help from your friends!


Ellen said...

I'd love to comment but these registrations are driving me nuts.

Ellen said...

Hey, I got in!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, crap, now I have to say something really cool, eh?
I'll go back and read your latest entry and then return with something profound.

Ellen said...

Ok, here comes the profound comment.
Here in MI, people name their summer homes.
Naturally, we didn't. My folks had a cottage on the Lake MI shoreline for many, many years and never gave it a name.
It's like a vanity plate on your car, as far as I'm concerned.