Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Perfect Storm...

Today we had a perfect storm. It wasn't really snowing when I left my house day, but the flurries started soon after I left the coffee shop and headed to work. It was really starting to snow when I arrived at work, and by mid morning we were having quite the blizzard. As everyone else came to work I heard the stories of accidents everywhere, the busses quit running up the hills to the university, cars were all getting stuck then sliding backwards down the hills. I guess I was lucky I got to work before the brunt of the storm. Around noon we heard that the university president cancelled afternoon classes and closed the U. The funny thing was that within about half an hour of that announcement the snow let up, the sun came out and it was gloriously beautiful afternoon. Since I was already at work I stayed at work, but it sure would have been nice to go out and play in the snow.

When I went home at five I helped finish shoveling the 6 inches of wet heavy snow from our drive and the neighbors (gotta take care of 80 year old Auntie Mabel next door!). Had great game of snow ball with Daisy, and decided to to take her for a walk. We headed to the park, where the sidewalk was trampled enough to be walkable. There is something pleasant and satisfying about squeak and crunch of packed snow underfoot!

I'm calling these beads my "antiqued" beads. "Antiqued Teal" and "Antiqued Red". I've made these two, and a third in amethyst is upstairs cooling right now. Does this constitute a series? Other bead makers make beads in series, but me being the ecclectic beader I'm always doing something diferent. I kind of like these, so it might be fun to actually do a series in a variety of colors. I guess it will be interesting to see if they catch anyone's interest on ebay.

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Anonymous said...

I love your "series" and I vote that you continue in the same way until it drives you crazy - that should be around bead number 6.
They're beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!