Sunday, February 25, 2007

A week in the life...

Once again I haven't been good at updating this blog. It's been a busy week. I had Monday off of work for Presidents Day and went skiing with Matt. We had a glorious powder day. As it turns out, the new shorter skis do work better in powder. I'm officially glad I retired my 10 year old Pre's. Except that they were red. I miss having red skis.

Tuesday - we saw Styx in concert. Matt's friend Bobby's mom is the queen of winning concert tickets, CSN, Clapton, I swear when anyone good comes to town she wins tickets and occasionally gives them to Bobby and Matt. So my husband is always chiding Bobby, "When is your mom going win us some tickets". A couple of weeks ago Bobby comes running into my studio yelling "You're going to Styx, you're going to Styx". Turns out that his mom won tickets for Bobby but the concert was at a 21 and over club so he couldn't go. So she decided to give us the tickets. After the concert we stopped at the Bayou (the local New Orleans style club) for a snack. Turns out that it was Fat Tuesday and they had a great jazz band playing. The Bayou is known as Beervanna because of it's very extensive beer list. I drank a Scottish Kilt Lifter Ale. Gotta love the name.

Wednesday - I attended the first meeting of the "Women of the Vine" a new social group started by a friend. We met at her friend's coffee shop, everyone brought a bottle of Merlot and chipped in $10 for a delicious soup in a bread bowl dinner. It was a nice night, good to get out with a different group of people. Even if I was the token weird science nerd amongst a bunch of real estate people. Having teenager's proved handy - my friends daughter drove us there, and I had my son pick us up, so we could actually enjoy all the wine. Are you a bad mom ir you let your 17 year old be your designated driver? Or are you being a good role model?

Thurday - Jr. High school parent teacher conference. Which means wandering around the cafeteria for two hours waiting in line to talk to all your kids teachers. Always an exciting time. Especially when you have other things you need to do. Like take pictures for your submission for the ISGB's metamorphosis exhibit, which needs to be postmarked Friday. Someone tell me why I procrastinate!

Friday - Woke up with a sore throat. Go to work anyway. Mailed off my submission. Nothing ventured nothing gained right? Friday night I went to a gallery show for a friend who's an up and coming potter. My friend makes these exquisite tiny vases and other things as well! I met her teacher, who works in clay, fused glass and silver. She had some awesome pieces that combined all three. I really enjoyed talking to her. Even if it made me feel decidedly un-artist like.

Saturday - Woke up feeling like crap, so I didn't go skiing with Bob and Matt even though it would have been a great powder day. I think I just ran my self ragged all week. And stressed out too much about trying to submit the ISGB thingie. It's hard to go from being the boring person with virtually no social life to having stuff going on every night of the week. So I spent a lazy day, mostly on the computer listing beads on ebay. I think I need to change my "business" (can you really call it that?) name to Linda's Eclectic Beadery. I like to make so many different styles of beads.

Sunday - Sitting here slumming again. I woke up to houseful of kids. I would have sworn last night my daughter asked to sleep at her friends Adrian's house. The house was quiet when I went up to bed at 10:30 to watch Saturday Night Live. I guess they (6 of them) all walked to our house around 11 and spent the night at our house. Boys and girls sleeping all over the living room and den. So unbeknownst to me my daughter had a coed sleep over. Are you supposed to let your 15 year old daughter have coed sleepovers? That may have to be discussion for another blog.

Yikes, I think I have rambled way too much today. maybe I should quit and go upstairs and make some beads!

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Anonymous said...

Linda, I love seeing pics of your beads here. I'm not good about checking people's sites and I never go to the bay so I'm glad to drool right here since I check on you daily.
Beautiful work, dahlink!