Tuesday, December 01, 2009

More from the trail...

November has come and gone without enough snow to give us an early ski season. No big Thanksgiving opener, hopefully we'll get dumped on by Christmas. So instead of hitting the slopes I've been trying to get up in th mountains for a hike every weekend. This weekend I joined the Sunday Hikers Meetup Group for a trek up the Burch Hollow Trail in Millcreek Canyon.

I think we hiked about 3 miles up, and as all the Millcreek Canyon trails go, up means up! We were approaching a nice ridgeline in the distance, which seemed like a good goal, until one of the guys explained to us that while it seems like we should be able to hike to it, it never really get any closer. He appeares to be correct about that, so eventually we decided we needed to turn around and save the ridge for another, longer day.

Turning around was probably a good thing, because sometimes the downhill trek is as hard or harder (especially in the knees) than the uphill one. This time of year the trail conditions range from dry, to snowy, to icy, to thick and muddy. Slip sliding down the icy and muddy sections was a little bit challenging at times, but I'm proud to say I mangaged to stay upright the whole way.

And Daisy of course had a great time. This trail would have done her in during the heat of the summer, but this time of year it was perfect for her.

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