Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love is in the air.....

It is, it really is. Love is in the air... at the dollar store. I stopped there late last week to pick up a couple of my dollar store standards. The dollar store is my favorite place for a few cleaning products, my favorite lavender scented soap, wrapping paper, and whatnot. As I was checking out with my few sundry items, I looked up and spied this huge mass of Valentine's Day balloons. I've never seen so much love floating about. Problem is, is there a market for Valentines balloons several days AFTER Valentines Day? I guess some manager or buyer overestimated the need for love in Salt Lake City. I thought they looked pretty though...Makes me wonder how many balloons were in the store ON Valentines Day... that must have been a sight. Who's to say "you can't buy love". Clearly you can, and it's only a dollar.

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