Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Museums... The Pompidou Center

A trip to Paris would not be complete without visiting the many art museums. The first on our list was the Pompidou Center, Europe's largest modern art museum. It was quite fascinating, collections included the works of famous modern artists such as Picasso, and some very recent, interesting, provocative modern art, some shock value pieces designed to really make you think, and other strange pieces that make you think "hmmm...this is art?". Besides the artwork itself, I was rather impressed my how it was displayed, the placement and spacing of the art and utilization of negative space on the walls and floors, as well as the use of lighting and shadow really accentuated the pieces.

The following photo was taken by Sarah


a Kandinsky...

The following photo was taken by Sarah

I think this was my favorite, painted by Sonia Delaunay in1954. I love the subtle imagery. Do you see the dancers?

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