Sunday, February 27, 2011

While we are talking about love...

Back to Paris, the city of romance. After visiting the Louve we took a stroll across Pont des Arts bridge, a pedestrian bridge that crosses the river Seine. This is the love lock bridge, where couples symbolize their love by padlocking engraved padlocks to the bridge, then toss the keys into the water. Judging by the number of locks adorning the bridge Paris really is a romantic place. Interestingly, while doing a little googling to find the name of this bridge I found a news article from last year telling how Paris officials stripped the bridge of locks, or at least most of them, in May of last year. So, for the, most part we were viewing about 9 months of love. I wonder what the bridge looked like before they culled the locks. I am glad though that they left many of the quaint antique locks, it would have been a shame to remove all the history.

Notice the combination lock... it that the lock of a commitment phobe?

I love all the antique locks!

A Mickey Mouse lock?

Is this one Asian?

Not quaint and perhaps not fitting, but I liked the snake lock!

The loves of my life, my kids!


susi said...

that is way cool! thanks for sharing. :)

Kristen said...

Wow , this is so cool, Linda! Something I probably never would see - thanks for sharing it. I love the romance of that and the antique locks are beautiful masterpieces -- that's what I would pick too. Your kids are beautiful and that picture is one to treasure because it's beautiful and , wow, what a backdrop!! Enjoy Paris (maybe a little for me too -- at least a glass of wine ;D )