Sunday, April 08, 2012

Back to my roots

A fun little weekend diversion...A trip to Red Butte Gardens for Utah Orchid Society show. Lucky for me my friend and pottery instructor Dave was displaying his magnificent ceramic planters at the show and invited us pottery peeps to attend. Not that you can tell by ragtag collection of house plants, but once upon a time ago I got few degrees in botany, so I am great appreciator of interesting plants and plant diversity.

Everyone loves orchids, right? Ok...Nerd alert here... the Orchidaceae family is a huge plant family, one of the 2 largest families of plants, the other being the Asteraceae (daisies etc.) Being such a big family, it is not too surprising that there's a great diversity of flowers types and colors, but since we are most often exposed to the handful of orchid types commonly sold in department stores and garden centers the rarer specialty varieties on display at an Orchid show were really quite a treat. There were plenty of varieties I was not at all familiar with, with interesting flowers, amazing vibrant colors, and in some cases amazing fragrances. As you can see, it was quite a feast for the eyes!!!

Dave's marvelous planters. You can see some better pictures of his work here.

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