Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hiking again... with Cheeseburgers!

The 'view' of the valley from the top of Mount Van Cott.... yes, the valley floor is really out there a few thousand feet down. Yeah we must crazy to be out hiking in the rain!

Yes it's that time of year, hiking season. "Hiking Buddies" my hiking group from the pottery studio has started it weekly Wednesday night hikes. The days are not yet really long so we we picked an a quick and easy Cheeseburger Hike or tonight.

What is a Cheeseburger Hike you ask? Friends of my friend Susan started the Summit Cheeseburger website... a site devoted to, well, consuming cheeseburgers on mountain peaks of course. Susan, has been bagging cheeseburger peaks for a few years now, and initiated the rest of us last year. We figured the early season, with shorter days and too much snow high on the mountains would be a good time to 'cheeseburger' some of the lower local peaks. It turns out that cheeseburger are good motivators... I'm not sure if we would have been as excited to hike to the top of Mount Van Cott in the rain tonight if it weren't for the promise of a Cheeseburger Summit. If you want to read about tonight's adventure, here is my Cheesburger Summit write up for Mount Van Cott You can poke around and look at my hikes, or hikes by people all over the world! It's also a great repository for list of peaks all over the world.

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