Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Dog Ate My Homework...

This seems like an apropos post for tax day, the day that millions of people are posting very important mail, their tax returns, and expecting said mail to be delivered.
But... the postal service isn't always perfect. Things do indeed get "lost in the mail". Not that I've had many problems with the post office, but there are occasional screw ups. A couple of weeks ago I found this in my mailbox... a returned letter... now get this, it was postmarked Nov. 30th 2009!!!! It's now 2012!!! It was addressed to my son's then landlord, and contained a rent check. I vaguely remember a time when I had to send a second rent check, because somehow the landlord had not not received my paynemt. I think I assumed they had misplaced it, or that perhaps I had done something totally flakey and not really sent it off, that I'd someday find it behind some furniture or under the car seat. It never did turn up though. Definitely a "dog ate my homework" sort of moment. What I am curious about is... where has this letter been for two and a half years?

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