Thursday, May 03, 2012

Wednesday Hiking... Nope, not today!

Nope no hiking... because I actually had a bit of good luck... I won 2 tickets to the Black Keys concert at the Maverick Center. KUTV posts lots of contests on Facebook, and when I see one I play, as it only takes second to enter, and I figure that someone is going to win, it may as well be me. Today I opened my email and was surprised to find that I really did win!! So thank you KUTV!!!
A girlfriend of mine had wanted to get tickets to the concert, but I had passed. In my old age I've become a bit of a concert snob... If I'm going to spend a chunk of change on a concert it needs to be at a great venue; a concert hall with good acoustics, an intimate club setting, or one of our lovely outdoor venues. I've lost interest in arena concerts, as the acoustics are usually lousy, seats too far away to really see, or you are stuck in the general admission crowd, which as a short person, is really not that much fun. But tonight was great as the price was right - *free!*, I was able to take my girlfriend who really wanted to see the Black Keys, and we were treated to great seats in a suite near the stage.
Besides the enjoying a great concert, the Key's were awesome, I really enjoyed the light show that went along with the concert. Being the camera crazed gal who always carries her point and shoot, I had to try to capture the lights and colors. If you know photography at all, you know how challenging it is to take good pictures in this setting. It's hard to get the camera to focus in the dark. Dark scenes require long exposures and are therefore easily blurred by shaky hands (made worse by the desire to dance LOL)and even if I hold steady the musicians don't. I took lots of shots determined to get a few decent ones, and learned a few tricks. Like finding the focus when the stage light was bright, but not depressing he shutter until the lighting was interesting. It seemed that it was much easier to get a good exposure when the lights were blue, then maybe red, or green. When the lights were bright, which I thought would have been better, the camera didn't seem to meter as well, shots seemed overexposed. It was a fun little session in casual photography. If only my battery hadn't died before they brought out the huge mirror ball!!!


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Was that really hiking or a great great party over there? :)

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