Friday, March 13, 2009

A beady good time..

It sure is fun how this bead hobby of mine has led me to meet all sort of interesting people. I had lunch with a new bead friend the other day. Carol Ann "found" me a while back on, of all places MySpace. Normally I don't add strangers as friends on MySpace, but for "bead people" I make exception. Then awhile back she bought one of my pendants on Etsy. When I saw the delivery address, which was right near where I drive every day anyway, I suggested I could just drop it by her house after work, and save her the shipping fee. So we finally met (briefly) in real life, with a promise to get together sometime.

Sometime finally came this week when we met for lunch. What a fun lunch it was. I brought beads, Carol brought her beautiful jewelry, much of which contained lampwork beads. The fun part is that many of the beads were from people I know of or even know. She had some Kalera beads, and beautiful polymer clay pendant by Cheryl and a big pink heart made by Schermo. Really fun for me, as I've admired Kalera's beads for a long time. Same is true for Cheryl's polymer clay piece. I've seem her work on the internet, but it was really cool to see and fondle on of her pieces in real life. And the Schermo bead? I met Schermo a few years ago at a bead retreat. She's a wonderful lady. It turns out she and Carol are long, long time bead friends. It was fun to gab about mutual bead friends, and other bead artists we both admired. What a small, small world. And what a fun, fun lunch, by the time lunch was over I felt like I've knwn Carol forever. It's always fun to meet another beady friend.They are the best! Oh and I should add, she actually wore her black cape! (and I'd worn mine) I've now actually met a fellow caped crusader.

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Anonymous said...

LOL - a caped crusader? I LOVE it!!!!!!