Monday, March 09, 2009

So am I a meanie mommy?

I know this may be weird, but I actually like teenagers and enjoy my kid's friends. Consequently, it is not uncommon for then to hang out at my house (AKA the home for wayward children), and I like to joke around with them. Most of the kids usually "get" that I'm joking around when I give them crap or harrass them about weird things, but occasionally there is one that doesn't get the joke. Sarah's friend Brian is one such kid. Apparently, I scare him. He's been friends with Sarah for years, and she and I both find it a little funny that he still doesn't "get" my sense of humor. Mondays are Young Life night, and I asked Sarah if she was planning to attend and where the meeting was this week. She told me where, but then added that she wasn't driving, Brian was. "Brian who's scared of me?" I ask. "Yup that Brian" she responded.

Then my evil mind went into overtime. How can I scare Brian tonight? It was a snowy night, which always makes me a tad nervous about the kids driving around. So I pull a schmarmy notecard out of the desk, and write Brian a note.

Dear Brian.
Please be very careful driving my daughter around in this inclimate weather. She is precious cargo and you are responsible for her safety. Love, Linda

When Sarah walked out to the car she handed him the note. He looked a little pale as he read it. Sarah didn't let him suffer too long before telling him not to worry, her mom wasn't really that neurotic and that it was joke. I'm not sure he really believed it was a joke, but the other kids sure thought it was funny. Hopefully one of these days he'll "get" my sense of humor.

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one-eared pig said...

Ok, that is TOO funny!