Monday, March 16, 2009

Beware of the Snowmonster....

It was a gloriously nice day at Brighton yesterday. Warm and sunny, but not so warm that the snow got slushy. Perfect Spring skiing! You could tell the lifties were having fun in the nice weather as almost every lift has a snow sculpture of some sort. This snow monster is at the base of Millicent lift, which is where I parked my car so my camera was handy.

Usually I ski with a girlfriend, but she had other commitments today so I went up by myself and had my self a speed day. It was perfect cruising snow so I spent the day skiing fast. I can't be positive, but I'm pretty sure I was the fastest 48 year old chick on the mountain. If not I was probably the fastest overweight 48 year old chick on the mountain. It felt really good to fulfill my need for speed,

Skiing solo is kind of fun because you usually meet a few interesting people on the lift. So yesterday there was the guy who's wife works at the bakery near my house. The bakery had been closed for a time and I wondered what had happened... well now I know the story, Then there was the young guy from Chicago who thinks he want to move here. The ski host who gave me the whole scoop on how to be a ski host, something I might be really interested in doing, maybe when my kids are gone. Free Skiing would be a good thing! One ride up I commented to the woman next to me that there seemed to be alot of kids ski classes today. Turns out she works for the ski school and yes they had a lot of programs today - 220 kids in ski school. From there the guy riding with started his take in kids which went something like "I knew I never wanted to have kids so I took care of that when I was 21, snip, snip, I know nobody's going to call me daddy!" Too much information perhaps? My last ride of the day was with a Texan, who for 18 years has been spending the month of March skiing in Utah. He must have a lot of free time, because besides spending a month of the year skiing he saw 300 movies last year. His recommendation for the must see movie from last year- "Man on Wire" the story of the guy who did the tightrope walk between the twin towers.

So what a great day. Interesting conversation, movie recommends, sunshine snow and speed!


Teague said...

I was just reading this and have to say the "Man on a Wire" about Philippe Petit is really worth seeing, it's short, informative, interesting and entertaining all at once.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day! That snowmonster is pretty darn cool - but what's that blue stuff? Looks kinda like it is oozing slime, LOL. I hadn't even heard of that movie before - I'll have to check it out.