Saturday, March 28, 2009

Music morning

Yeah, weird picture I know. The stage at Kilby. Hand held, low light, long exposure. But I like it.

Saturday morning, Sarah is cleaning up the kitchen so I can make her pancakes this morning. She had yesterday off from school, but didn't empty the dishwasher before spending the day with friends, so being the meanie mom I am I left the mess for her to take care of today. So she's cleaning, cranking the tunes, and I'm waiting for a clean kitchen to cook in.

Her tunes of choice today is the music of our boyfriend Grieves. Grieves is a young (twenty something) independent rap/hip hop artist. My daughter introduced me to his music a year and a half ago or so. I'm hardly a big rap fan, but as it turns out I really, really like most of this guys music.

So Sarah and I have this running joke about who's boy friend he is... she's going for the older guy and I the younger. When I say something about "my" boyfriend Grieves, she quickly retorts back something to the effect of "Quit talking about your future son-in-law that way".

Grieves plays concerts here frequently, usually playing a funky little all ages venue; Kilby Court, which is in essence a garage on a little alley way near downtown Salt Lake. Three buildings, the garage that houses the stage, a small building where they sell merchandise, and the ticket kiosk surround a small court yard where they keep a fire going in the fire pit during show. All ages is really a missnomer, as for the most part it's the under 25 crowd.

Grieves played here a week ago or so, and since I'd been torturing Sarah by saying I was going to go see "my" boyfriend this time, she decided not go (I went "with" her once before, she won't let that happen again!). So all by my lonesome I headed to Kilby to be the one odd ball, old fart at the concert. I always feel a little silly when I do this, as I know I know I'm out of place, because it really is all young kids, and they all look at me with suspicion wondering what I'm doing there. I took a few pictures this last time, and kind of freaked a few kids out... It probably didn't help that when asked why I was taking pictures I told them I was the "chaperon police" and that mothers hire me to spy on their kids. I love fooling with the teenagers, but I did eventually convince them that I was really just there for the music. I wasn't totally alone in my old-fartness this time. A guy who I'd guess was in his late 30's, who was there with his friend and a niece, came up and chatted, because he was really curious what I was doing there. So I think there were 3 of us over 30 that night.

So is that too weird? Why should music and fun and entertainment be bounded by age? Or am I just too weird? I do admit the students in my lab as well as my "grown up" friends are usually shocked when I play this sort of music. But heck, I enjoy all sorts of music. If you're curious about "my boyfriend's" music he has some samples on his myspace page. Of what's there, "irreversible" is my favorite.

See, I wasn't kidding when I said this place was a garage!


Ellen said...

Oddball? I think not. Okay, maybe just a bit "off" but that's what we like about you, kid.
Rock on!

Carol Clayton said...

Chaperone police, LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Love it! One of my sayings is "I scrap to rap," so I can hardly fault your taste! I get some pretty weird looks when I show up at concerts sponsored by U-92, and one guy told me he was suspicious of me until he realized I knew all the lyrics, ROFL!

grieves said...

you are no odd ball. i have a woman who shows up to my shows in the northern colorado area who is your age.. or probably older..

she works for high times magazine and shows up high on acid to my shows. She is a sweet lady.. but indeed way weirder than you.

You think you freaked the kids out? you freaked out type. he thought you were gonna castrate him for his inappropriate humor. he gets nervous when the parents show up :)

i love you very much. Thank you for your support.

much love to you and your daughter. (who may not be able to come to my show at the urban lounge coming up)