Saturday, April 04, 2009

Happy Saturday!

No this isn't my coffee, it's the coffee, Jean, my 86 year old coffee shop friend (and roll model for how I want to do age 86!) ordered the other morning. The cute young barista did such a pretty design I had to ask to take a picture.
I've been a blog sloth this week. I've been fighting insomnia, which has made me tired and unmotivated, thus I haven't felt much like writing. Unfortunately, rather than getting to sleep in this morning I had to get up early. Sarah had to be at the high school at 8 am to take the ACT. I felt obligated to play "good mother" and make sure she had a nutritious breakfast... egg and cheese biscuit sandwich on my homemade buttermilk biscuits. A surprise for Sarah who, out of necessity, is quite self sufficient in the morning. As anyone who knows me knows, I'm not a morning person, so she was quite surprised that I got up to make her breakfast on a Saturday.

We hung out at home watching a movie last night so she could get a good night sleep, but she still wasn't too thrilled to have to get up early on a Saturday to take a test. She was even less thrilled when she read her admission ticket and discovered that she wasn't permitted to use a mechanical pencil. She has real aversion to wooden pencil, so it will be four hours of suffering for her LOL

To change the topic, it might be April, but it's snowing once again this morning. I think this is the fourth snowy morning this week... your average Utah trick spring.

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Ellen said...

I'm afraid we might get some snow next week. Certainly won't be the first "white Easter" in MI.