Monday, April 13, 2009

Signs of spring...

How do you like my daffodils? I know that thay are just daffodils, and everyone has daffodils, but this clump of daffodils is the best I've ever had in my garden. I've lived in my house since 1986, and have been planting flowers ever since. While I've had pretty good luck with my tulips, daffoils have not faired well in my garden. I plant some fall bulbs, get beautiful flowers in the spring, the following year there are fewer blooms, the next year even less, and they are usually single flowers. Eventually I plant some more, only to repeat the cycle of diminishing returns.

The gardens near my front door, where I've planted the most daffodil bulbs, sport two lonely blooms this year; one in my left garden, one in my right. I've guessed that daffodil bulbs must not be fond of our dry clay soil. But down towards the street, in the garden that flanks my driveway, is this beautiful cluster of daffodils.My first ever cluster! I think they are naturalizing, like daffodils are supposed to do. I have no idea what has made this one spot in my yard daffodil friendly, but I'm sure enjoying it. My best daffodils ever, and guess what... it is supposed to snow this week!

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Carol Clayton said...

WOW - I'm impressed! I think I have just one lone daffodil flowering this year. Yours are so pretty!