Friday, April 24, 2009

The end of winter...

The Wasatch Mountains, downtown and the Salt Lake Valley

Winter is officially over I think. Brighton closed on Sunday, but I skipped the last day of skiing to spend over 8 hours digging the grass out of my flower beds, a job that's still not finished. I love to garden, but the spring time "dig all the grass out of flowerbeds" chore is a little overwhelming. Monday night I attended the start of the hiking season "social" hike with the local Meet Up hiking group. We took the short, steep trail up to the monument on Ensign Peak and viewed the city. Wednesday, in celebration of Earth Day I went to the free Michael Franti concert at the Gallivan center. It was a lovely warm night and his music was rockin'. I've never seen so many people dancing. That man knows how to work the crowd.

These things all sound like the end of winter don't they? Of course the biggest, best sign of the start of spring is the fact that I've polished my toenails and worn sandals to work for the last four days. Nothing says spring like the freeing of the feet!!!

I probably shouldn't get too excited though... I think they're calling for snow this weekend... down to 4500 feet... that would be my neighborhood! Guess we'll wait and see!
The Oquirrh Mountains and Great Salt Lake... and a sun doggie!

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Carol Clayton said...

Courtney and I went to a semi-pro football game in Provo/Orem yesterday and it actually snowed for a bit! Oh well, I'm still glad I finally got the swamp cooler fixed last week! Alas, I still haven't started on my yard and the flower beds really need help. Hopefully, all this rain will make the weeding much easier!

So, run into any other interesting people at the hike or concert? Your photos were fab!!!