Saturday, July 10, 2010

Farmers Market

This morning my daughter, her borfriens and I went downtown to the farmers market. Peppered amunst the produce and craft sellers are musical acts. My daughter stopped to listen to a piano player, who interestingly, had the top of the upright piano open so that you could watch the mechanism. I walked up toSarah and said "Do you find it more interesting to listen when you can see inside the piano?" No" she replied, "it's more interesting when tha piano has been pulled behind a bicycle." I look over, and realize that in my fascination with the hammers hitting the strings, I never even noticed; that the piano, whick was on wheels, was attached to a bicyle! I'm not sure how much a piano weights, but I can't imagine pulling one with a bicycle. I can only presume that the owner must live in the flat part of the valley.

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