Monday, July 19, 2010

Lucky Week

A butterfly I saw while hiking Bowman fork tonight

I am not quite sure what happened in the universe recently, but apparently last week was my luck week. I checked my facebook page and found that I had won a little contest a friend of mine sponsored. She owns Creekside Creations, a company that makes all natural soaps and lotions etc. and I one some of her marvellous products. Thanks Caryn!

Monday was also "dumpster day"; the one day a year where the county places big dumpsters on the street for us to discard "big stuff", so it's a good time to trim trees etc., One of my friends recently purchase a very high quality, professional pruning saw, and he let me borrow it to trim a tree who's branches were whacking my house. Thanks Jamie. I spent most of Sunday using that saw, and had piles and piles of branches lining the street by the end of the day. I snuck out of work early Monday, dreading that I had so much stuff to toss in the dumpster. Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner toward my house, and all my piles of branches were gone! My neighbor was out hauling her branches to the dumpster, so asked her if she knew who had taken care of mine. It turns out the county sent a big truck and scooped up all my branches!!! Talk about good luck! I may as well have won the lottery! I'm sure my poor neighbor wished she'd hauled hers to the curb the day before. You can bet we'll all be trying that strategy next year!

If that wasn't enough luck for one week, I actually won a subway gift card during a vendor show at work. I am simply not accustomed to having such good fortune!

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