Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I interrupt my vacation travelogue to report on todays hike. I took the dog walking up Porter Fork in Millcreek Canyon tonight. Porter is one of my favorite summer time after work hikes, as it low enough in the canyon that I can get there quickly, it's shady and cool, as spring fed creek run alongside the trail. Well, trail isn't right, as it's really a one lane asphalt road, which is kind of nice if you end up coming back in the dark. Does pavement makes it a walk instead of hike? Or does the fact that there's about a 1200 ft elevation in the 1.5 mile walk to the end of the road make it a hike? Either way it's pleasant after work workout.

The road services an area of about 40 summer homes - rustic cabins, quaint cottages and a few new summer homes that make my real house look shabby. It's still pleasant up there despite the homes. Most are tucked back into the trees, and it seems rare that more than 4 or 5 are occupied at anyone time. Usually there are more hikers and dog walkers up there than summer home people.

I had a laugh when I walked by one cottage that was right alongside the road. I'd never seen a lemonade/dog treat stand when I was out hiking before! Too bad the stand was abandoned when we walked by, I'm sure Daisy would have liked a treat!

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