Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Sedona Sojourn Day 1

This is how it started... a month a go I opened one of the myriad of travel emails that show up in my inbox every week... and there was an offer for a very sweet deal for a weeks lodging at a resort in Sedona Arizona. I've been jonesing for vacation for quite some time. Have wanted to take my kids somewhere, but being busy college students living far away in different states, I have not been able to get them in the same place at the same time. Of course a trip with some wonderful prince charming also sounds really great, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards either. (Guess I need to kiss more frogs or something).

But here I am, no kids, no prince charming, with a great lodging deal sitting in my inbox, someplace beautiful, close enough to drive to. So I decided what the heck, I'll just go on my own... and a few clicks of the mouse later I'm booked for a week in Sedona.

From the bathroom at the Crazy Horse Campground

I wasn't sure I wanted to drive the whole 10 hours at once, so I decided to drive half way and camp for the night. So first stop... Kanab, Utah. The Crazy Horse Campground as recommended by my friend Joe from Kanab. I instantly made friends with the 12 year old son of the campground manager who was in the lodge playing pool on a tattered table with my soon to be "neighbor" -a hippie-ish (long hair, earrings, wearing an amulet bag of juniper berries) retired guy from jersey who's been traveling for months on his motor cycle. After a nice chat I pitched my tent, and went off to adventure.

First stop the Little Hollywood Museum. Kanab was the home base for many old westerns, thus the Hollywood connection.

Second stop, a hike, a cheeseburger summit, I'd hoped, though it's not on the list... I may have to consult with my hiking buddies about whether it qualifies for an add. A lovely hike up Sqaw Trail to the butte above town. Just in time for the setting sun, with just enough light left to make it down without incident. Beautiful views from the top for sure!

Thought maybe I'd find a cowboy bar for a beer, but alas, being a mormon Utah town, I couldn't find a bar.... so I settled for checking my messages at the campground.. picnic table wireless.... who would have thought?!

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