Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sedona Sojourn Day 3...Let the Hiking Begin!

Finally! My first real day in Sedona!!! I headed off to start my weeks mission... to hike and hike and hike... That was my only real plan for Sedona - to get out and hike! I picked the Courthouse Butte/ Big Park trail loop as it looked like a good 5+ miler that routed through a wilderness area. I was awestruck on my first Sedona hike, the red rocks, the desert vegetation, the blue skies, the beauty was astounding. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Courthouse Butte

On the left - Spaceship Rock

Bell Rock


Hiking Sedona said...

great!are you alone? it's not fine doing hiking alone better have a company.

Linda Carol said...

Yes, I was vacationing alone, therefore hiking alone, except when I just happened to run into someone to hike with!

Unknown said...

how long did you stay

Linda Carol said...

I was just there for a marvelous week... would love to go back someday!