Wednesday, October 03, 2012

We interupt your regularily scheduled travel blog....

What a nice surprise I had tonight. When I went to pottery class tonight I discovered I won second place in gallery show competition. For September's gallery stroll Red kiln had a show - Don't Be So Square! A ceramic meditation on the box form. The show was the night I left on vacation so I missed the festivities. My large blue box came out of the kiln that morning, so I had to run by the studio to attach my lampwork beads to the lid the morning I left on vacation. I'd completely forgotten that the exhibit was a competition as well a show, so when I went into the gallery tonight to see the show I had missed, I was rather surprised to see a pretty red ribbon hung on one of my pieces.

This was especially exciting for me because these pieces represent my first multimedia work, combining both my pottery and my lampwork glass beads. Even more exciting that because these are the first pieces where I feel like I came up with an original design that is truly all my own.

I have to admit that I find the idea of a competition a tiny bit absurd... I don't know how judges really can compare and rank pieces of such diverse designs as were entered in the show. Everyone's pieces were wonderful, so it's not like winning a ribbon really means your pieces better than someone else's. But it does say some likes them and positive feedback sure feels nice!

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