Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sedona Sojourn Day 6 Mund's Wagon Trail

After having such a delight evening adventure the night before, I was actually kind of tired, so rather than rushing out to hike I went out for a lovely breakfast. Then headed to a trail not far from the resort. Mund's Wagon Trail. Very shortly into the hike things got confusing. The trail merged with a wash, and became unclear. As I stood there confused about where to go, wondering if I was confused because I was so tired and dazed, another hiker walked into the wash. Whew, he was as confused as I was, but suggested maybe the trail crossed the jeep road. I decided to follow him but it didn't take long for, me to decide that must not be the way and turned around. Back in the wash I spied a cairn marking the right way, so I was off. I ran into a couple of nice women and hiked along with them. Not but a 100 yards down the trail the three of us were confused about where the trail went. As we stood contemplating the trail (or lack there of), my first hiking buddy ambled up. I greeted him, telling him I'm glad he found us and wasn't lost in the desert,and we all stood confused about where to go next.

Eventually we found the trail, and I decided that since the trail seemed so confusing, and I was tired and perhaps not thinking clearly, that perhaps I shouldn't be hiking alone and asked the guy if I could join him. He seemed happy for the company,so off we went together. His name was Rob, he had driven up from Phoenix for the day to hike and take pictures. So we hiked the 4 miles to the end of the trial and back, having nice discussions, mostly about photography along the way. Once again I was pleasantly surprised by nice people you meet while adventuring alone. Great company and conversation, I learned a lot of new photography info, plus I was motivated to forget my tiredness and do the entire 8 mile hike. Another great vacation day!!!

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