Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Feet!

My daughter and I went for pedicures this week. Lest you think I'm a self indulgent spoiled brat, I will admit to you that I have horrible, horrible feet. Gross, thick, cracked, heel calluses that regenerate faster than you'd ever believe. So a couple times a year I spurge for a $25 pedicure. I really should do it every month in the summer. As icky as my feet are, it ought to be covered by health insurance! LOL. According to my mom, my grandma had the same kink of feet, so I guess it's genetic. Unfortunately, my daughter seems to be afflicted with the same problem

So this week Sarah and I went off to the nail salon and had our feet done. I now have happy feet with bright pink "Kinky in Helsinki" toenails.

I think Sarah is the spoiled one. She's only 15. I never had a salon pedicure until I was over 40. Three of my high school friends and I spent a weekend in Las Vegas, and my good friend Linda and I spent an extra night. Since it was Sunday, and the rates were (comparatively!), low so I splurged and got us a night at the Bellagio, where Linda I went for pedicures. My first, nicest and most expensive pedicure. After doing the extra wax treatment and paying the tip it was about $100! Yikes! Being the undecided type, I let the pedicurist pick my polish color. She was thrilled to get to pick something other than the more conservative colors her normal clientele tended to use, so she picked "Kinky in Helsinki". I loved the color, and the name, and it reminds me of great weekend with friends, so I still use that color sometimes!

So what color are YOUR toes today?


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't feel guilty about getting your tootsies treated. I tell all the women I know to indulge in some kind of pampering on a monthly basis, if possible. We deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My toes are always painted although I've only had them done professionaly once. They're red now and everyday!
Love the beads, as usual.

Nancy Sells Glass said...

Bright neon pink! Love your color though... I may have to go find some. ;)