Monday, June 11, 2007

Moab Weekend

What a wonderful weekend I had! My beadmaking friend Rose was in town on business this weekend, and we took a road trip down to the National Parks near Moab, Utah. We spent Saturday touring Arches National Park; hiking out to see the arches and enjoying the red rock landscape and desert flowers. The picture is of us standing in front of Landscape Arch, one of the prettiest arches in the park.

On Sunday we headed to Canyonlands, and took in all the spectacular overlooks. 1000 foot cliffs with no guard rails gave Rose a chance to test her acrophobia. For someone who claims to have fear of heights she looks pretty comfortable near the edge of that cliff don't you think?

Traveling with a fellow beadmaker was fun. It was interesting the discuss which glass colors could best be used to capture the colors of Southern Utah. Our consensus was that none of the standard colors are quite right, so Rose has challenged me to try to mix my own. I see a challenge in my future!

Just to pretend it was "bead" weekend here's a shot of Rose looking at beads at the Moab rock shop. OK, we didn't purchase any beads we both got some cool rocks!


Anonymous said...

You will definitely be our guide if Petey and I ever make it out there.

Linda Carol said...

It would sure be wonderful if you did make it out here!!!!!

Lori Greenberg said...

Looks like you had fun!

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