Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My weekend...

How about a quickie catch up... I had a busy weekend trying to get ready for my show (first ever!) on Saturday. Went to the a dinner for a friend who's moving away, went to the Utah Arts Festival, and took the "Fun Bus" to Wendover. That last thing on my list was something a bit out of my element. Wendover is Wendover, Nevada, which is the closest gambling town to Salt Lake. A friend of mine started playing internet poker this year, then joined a local poker group through meetup.com, who organized a Wendover trip for Friday night. I'm not exactly a big gambler;in the 20+ years I've lived in Utah I've only gone to Wendover a few times, and have never taken the fun bus.

The fun bus wasn't terribly fun, but it was definately a great way to go to wendover. For $15 they drive you there, and you get a coupon book with a free cocktail coupon, a $5 in cash coupon, and a free dinner at the buffet coupon. Not a bad deal considering the Friday night seafood buffet costs $22. The good thing is not having to drive over there, and better yet, not having to drive the two hours home. The only downside is you don't get back to Salt Lake until 4 AM so I was pretty darn tired on Saturday.

My night of gambling consisted of dropping $6.00 worth of nickles into a video poker machine while my friend dropped $50 in a poker tournament. We ate the buffet dinner, drank 2 cocktails and hung around a craps table where some nice guy attempted to explain the game to us. (I still don't understand!) Then we headed to the poker room, because my poker playing friend wanted to watch live play. We managed to get "invited" to observe a table were a couple of guys from the bus were playing. We were mostly invited by Matt, a gregarious guy who must have weighed about 500 lbs, who was downing shots (he was up to 22) and rather drunk. A number of the guys were happy to talk to us while they played, and one was rather interested in flirting with my friend while he played. Considering that they had pony up $100 to join the game I'm surprised they let us talk to them at all. We had a bit of a raucus conversation...nothing like a few drunk guys to liven up a place, especially when you are quite sober. Funny, we didn't take up the offer to use his room keys LOL. Like I mentioned before... I'm not exactly a much of a gambler or party girl, so I find it amusing when I venture off into this foreign world where people are really into the party life! I guess I'm a voyeour of sorts.


Sarebear said...

Gorgeous bead! I had an "adventure" in Wendover once, when I was on a bad streak (I'm LDS). Lol.

I'd LOVE to come see you and drool over your beads sometime! I'm also very curious about lampworking, about the process!

Anonymous said...

Went to Reno once; DH was on a business trip. Played the slots for about 20 min., lost all the money I'd set aside to play with and went looking for something else to do. There wasn't anything!
If I can't wear it or eat it, I'd rather not spend money on it!
Killer bead, btw.