Thursday, May 22, 2008

And again....

Todays addition to my pond birds list is the Yellowthroat. A beautiful male stopped by for swim this week. He frolicked long enough that I could leaf through my bird book and figure out what kind he is. I think I need to go through my book with sticky notes and mark all pages of the birds who's range includes my backyard. At least then I could more quickly narrow my search.

I mentioned my sighting to my fellow birders at work, and they asked if I had heard the Yellowthroat song, stating it is a very pretty song. I hadn't, so I decided to go to the Cornell site and give it a listen. So I'm sitting on my bed, playing bird songs (of course one leads to another), and my critters are going nuts. Oreo, my cat, walks over and circles my computer staring at every edge looking for the sound. The songs are pretty short and when they end the cat walks to the end of my bed and lays down. I find another to play and next thing you know the cat in sitting on my lap, quizzically looking at the computer. He is clearly confused about the origins of these enticing sounds. My dog is laying on the floor nest to me. As soon as a song plays, she stand up and stares at me, and whines a bit. The cat meows. I will swear they are talking to each other about their confusion over the strange sounds emanating from my laptop. Watching their reactions to the various bird songs is an amusing game for me. I hope they are having fun too.

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Anonymous said...

Linda, I'm getting a visual: you in bed with your laptop - your dog on one side and your cat on the other staring intently at your 'puter.