Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Last summer my big yard project was replacing my kids deteriorating sandbox with a small pond. I have to admit that I feared spring would arrive and I would find myself with a green, slimy, stinky mess. I was pleasantly surprised that four of my six goldfish survived, my water lilies are sending up new growth and the water quality seems as good as in the fall. So far I think my pond experiment was a success. The big treat my pond has brought me this sping is how it has been attracting the birds, who love to play on my slowly flowing waterfall. I don't recall a spring where I have seen such a diversity of birds, and being the nerdy birdy type I've spent time binoculars and field guide in hand trying to identify them. My list (at least what I remember) so far:

Lazuli Bunting
Dark Eyed Junco
Spotted Towhee
Lesser Goldfinch
American Goldfinch
House Finch
Cassins Finch
Yellow Warbler
Yellow Rumped Warbler
Ruby Crowned Kinglet
Northern Flicker
Stellars Jay
And of course the ubiquitous, robins, house sparrows starlings and magpies.
I also suspect there are other sparrows and warblers that I have yet to identify...

I have to admit my favorites are the little flighty song birds that are so hard to get a look at and identify. I love it when they dance in my waterfall long enough for me to get a good look!

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Anonymous said...

Last week I was sitting outside and I watched a robin nestle down into the loose soil in one of my perennial gardens. She kinda scrunched her way down and just sat there for a really long, relaxing time. ahhhhh